Introducing the crafted Wall solutions brand EAESUU in India, designed by Top Design Office A + A DESIGN STUDIO from MilanItaly.

    EAESUU an inspiration from the original Italian legends comes with the concept of crafted ceramic tiles that combines unique designs with the oriental philosophy to show the original beauty of the primary colors.

    With its distinctive trademark, EAESUU underlines the evolution of a story that represents innovation with the best in class technology.

    EAESUU leads the way in creating the most diverse arrays of designs as it depicts the style that also redefines the modern luxury in every space.

    EAESUU is a dynamic and modern brand that sees innovation and renovation as the fundamental tools for meeting today’s ever evolving market trends.

    With its distinctive micro precision machining work, it has found applications on every wall surface starting right from the bathrooms to the bedrooms covering the living space as well.

    With natural ceramic as a base it can very well compliment the reception lobbies as well as all the elevations and facades needs.


    Mosaic is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole made out of different surfaces.

    BACCANI includes the collection of copper mosaics which is actual copper treated to be used as a surface. Copper mosaics comes in different designs and finishes i.e rustic, brass, multi color, steel, natural to meet the varied requirements of the designed space.

    BACCANI also includes a collection of volcanic stone that is a natural high temperature stone and is suitable both for the exterior as well as the interior needs. The volcanic stone also known as lava stone comes in mosaics patterns as well as brick patterns which has a unique feel of its own.

    It also includes a collection of glass mosaics which have unique effects like foiling work, leather effect, woven textures and many more that is relatively different and new for the market.

    BACCANI portfolio also includes a collection of natural stone that is very popularly used for the cladding.

    Introducing the mosaics brand BACCANI in India comprising of various different types of mosaics.

    My Brass

    MY BRASS DÉCOR includes the collection of brass accessories that can meet the inlay need in furniture, walls, floors and any other design space.

    It includes a variety of motives in different sizes and finishes that can suit various applications.

    Various treatments are done on raw brass to make it well suitable to be used on floors as well. These motives have found major applications in the doors inlay as well as wardrobes designs.

    All motives are die casted and moulded into particular designs to give it exclusive look in brass series as well as colored series.

    Introducing the complete range of brass wall and floor accessories brand MY BRASS DÉCOR in India.


    Profiles are nowadays very commonly used as a design accessory in interior designing.

    MINUS 20° PROFILES includes the stainless steel profiles in different sizes and finishes to inlay in different surfaces.

    The trend of addition of brass finish or rose gold finish to the surfaces like veneer, MDF, tiles, marble is trending in the market that can easily be fulfilled by these profiles.

    These profiles can very well compliment on the furniture, walls as well the floors hence playing a major role as an add on accessory.

    Introducing the inlay and grooving profiles brand MINUS 20° PROFILES.


    MBOX aims to provide a royal classical and contemporary touch to the Indian architecture with its classical designs in the form of wall murals.

    MBOX is a blend of both Greek and Roman Interior Design. This designing basically deals with the perfect harmony, balance and order.

    Classical theory has its own aura and it itself represents elegance which never goes out of style.

    The exotic craft work execution on ceramic base gives an exclusive feel to the spaces designed accordingly to the sizes.

    MBOX comes with designer’s customized designs and varied inlay options to meet all the specific requirements.

    Introducing the customized and crafted wall art brand MBOX in India.


    CU+ majorly provides exclusive brass inlay work in different surfaces performed according to the designer’s design and size.

    With production, casting and R&D as foundation and with professional designers in product production technology, CU+ aims to provide customers with the most comprehensive customized products from planning, designing to production.

    The inlay work can easily be done in any of the surface like tiles, marble, wood to meet different requirements.

    Introducing the brass customization brand CU+ in India.

    @ FLOOR

    @FLOOR laminate floors unite a free and easy lifestyle with the best product features. The core boards used, made of highly compressed wood fibres, not only conserve resources but are also particularly long lasting and resilient.

    The patented @loc locking system, with which the panels can easily be clicked into each other, make our laminate flooring a genius carefree floor without any compromises.

    @FLOOR laminate flooring collections offer an unprecedented variety of designs in different effects.

    @FLOOR  laminate floors can be used in almost every areas, meaning that the panels can be installed on any sub floor. As easy it is to install, laminate floor can also be extracted and reused if necessary

    Introducing the laminate wooden flooring brand @FLOOR in India.



    PVC vinyl flooring is a polymer based flooring to give the feel of wooden flooring.

    It is a waterproof solution for the wooden based theme flooring in a very affordable manner

    Introducing the PVC vinyl floor brand XPERT VINYL in India.


    @GRASS includes the collection of artificial grass designed suitably to meet the feel of real grass.

    Grass comes with different thickness and densities to meet different interior and exterior requirements.

    It has found huge applications in exterior needs particularly for the gardens and the landscaping applications.

    Introducing the artificial Grass brand @GRASS in India.


    Artificial Onyx is a polymer based translucent stone used excessively for decoration purpose and it has found a lot of backlight applications in hotels, residences, restaurants and many other spaces.

    Different unique designs and figures makes it an eye tempting material for the backlight decorations.

    Introducing the artificial onyx brand ELITE RESIN PANEL in India.


    Water panel has found a great significance in the decorating field. It has found wide applications for room dividers, special illusion of lighting, room division, and many more highlighting areas.

    Water panel has given a new idea of decoration for water based lighting illusions.

    It comes in two flow patterns with multi color lighting that attracts the eyes.

    Introducing the acrylic artwork and decorative water bubbles panels brand ELITE WATER PANEL in India.


    With its professional R&D team and finely crafted LED panels for lighting and decoration it has attracted a lot of customers.

    The collection of product includes LED Ceiling panels and wall panels. These panels are made of well chosen material and illuminated with state of the art LED system.

    It is also an eye friendly product with low visual fatigue, the light created is even and soft, achieving a shadowless luminous performance as well.

    These panels have found huge applications in offices, hospitals, schools, hotels lobbies, restaurants and many other places for illuminating and decoring needs.

    Introducing the innovative LED panels brand ELITE SKY PANEL in India.

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